Star gazing outdoors at night

WWF Earth Hour – Best things to do in the dark

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  • WWF’s Earth Hour is this weekend.
  • 4 ideas what to do in the dark.

On March 19th at 8:30pm (20:30) local time lights will be switched off to raise awareness of your energy consumption. Earth Hour™ Global is a charity and a movement licensed and supported by WWF. The goal is to encourage individuals, communities, households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights.

This year I want to do celebrate Earth Hour again and wondered how best to honour the hour without any electrical light. I found some inspiration in WWF’s post 60 Things To Do In The Dark! and came up with my top 4:

Have a power nap

Idea no. 1 of 4 – Have a little power nap during Earth Hour to get some energy for the night. Make sure it’s not longer than 60 minutes, otherwise it makes you more tired. But keep it to a minimum of 15 minutes to get most benefits from your little break.

Enjoy a power nap to restore your energy.

Tell a scary story

Idea no. 2 of 4 – Tell a horror story. Do it with some friends and switch of the lights. Find out who can tell the scariest one.

Tell scary stories with lights out
Tell scary stories with lights out

Go camping in your backyard

Idea no. 3 of 4 – Go camping in your own garden. Do it with your kids or your friends. Bring some torches and combine it with idea number 2 and tell each other horror stories.

Camping in your backyard
Camping in your backyard

 Star-gazing during a night walk

Idea no. 4 of 4 – Switch off the lights, go outside for a walk. Ideally, if you don’t live near a big town, you can see the stars!

Star gazing outdoors at night
Go for a walk at night, look at the stars

Whatever you do, make it your own. Go out or stay home and have fun! Let me know your ideas below in the comments.

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