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In Short
  • mil leaves’ blog now available as printed magazine
  • including redistribution and recycling model
After overwhelming demand of our blog “My Year Of Charity” and huge success on our kickstarter campaign we are now proud to announce our printed magazine!

Shipping starts soon

We will ship the first 14.000 issues by the end of this month and will aim for a new release of every 2 weeks. This way you get the latest and greatest in your mailbox – the one in front of your flat or house, not the one on your device.

Redistribution and recycling

Naturally we want to make sure printing this magazine has as little negative impact as possible. That is why we envisioned a 3-step-cycle right from the start of this project.
  1. The magazine itself is printed on recycled paper. This means we are already reducing the impact by printing on used material. We are tapping into the lifecycle of the beautiful material that paper represents.
  2. Next we give every magazine a second life by redistributing it to the next eager reader: Every issue comes with envelopes that you can use to forward it to the next reader. This way we will reach more readers by printing less.
  3. The last step, as you might have already guessed, is to recycle the printed magazine. This is the third life of every issue and will start the cycle from new: print, redistribute, recycle – making sure each magazine gets the most out if it’s lifetime.
Print magazine subscription
Print magazine subscription

Great articles in our first release

Our first printed issue comes with these great articles:
  • shaving the environment – how to cut trees without bleeding
  • how to life sustainably – by not consuming anything
  • how to reduce waste without a bin – you will think twice

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Don’t miss our first shipment: Secure your issue by subscribing now and soon you’ll hold your first glossy mil leaves magazine in your hands! I’m sure you are as excited as we are – subscribe with the options below!

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