mil leaves

'mil' (mɪl) abbreviation for million.
'leaves' (liːvz) plural of leaf.

What is mil leaves about?

Every month I support a good cause, a new one each time. Then I'll blog about the impact.

Over the years I supported various charities and raised funds for several good causes. This year I wanted to do something different, not only for one charity but for a variety of projects. I decided to set a budget aside for every month and choose where to invest, every month another project. Then I look into the impact and write about it here on this blog.

Who blogs here?

Hello, I'm Nils. I moved from Germany to London to see what's out here for me. Looking for opportunities in my career and to grow as a person. I'm in IT since 1999 and in my professional life I'm helping customers to understand our product better.
Outside work I'm very interested in technology, science and the environment. I like sport a lot and would cycle much more if London wouldn't be so risky to navigate on 2 wheels. Therefore it's mostly running in parks for now.
Would love to hear from you what you think about my year of charity or anything else related to mil leaves. Head over to the contact page to send me a message or connect to me on LinkedIn. Thank you.
Nils Rebehn


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